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Meet your driver


Hello my name is Callum Jupp and I will be your driver and Tour guide


I was born in East London and have always been fascinated by the history and architecture of what I believe is the world's greatest city.  I spent many hours listening to my grandfather’s stories of his time working as a Waterman and Lighterman on the River Thames and my weekends and school holidays were taken up visiting every museum and landmark with my father.  


My love for London was complete at a very young age so it was no surprise when I undertook the famous ‘Knowledge’ and after four and a half years of intense studying, I passed out in July 2018.


In a bid to combine my love of history with my daily business, I enrolled on the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers Tour guide course which I passed in November 2020. 


I now hope to bring my knowledge and experience to you in a memorable tour of London


The Iconic London Black Cab


  • Moving into the 21st century with the new LEVC electric London Black Cab

  • Can accommodate 6 people

  • Central heating and air conditioning

  • Free WiFi 

  • USB socket in the back for those business trips 

  • Panoramic roof enabling you to get the best views of London 

  • Partition screen giving you a safe distance from the driver 

  • Luggage space available in the front. 

  • Disabled access available including wheelchair ramp

  • Isofix bar which enables child seats to be used 

  • Card machine in back for easy payments. 



What it takes to become a fully qualified London Black Cab Driver

The Knowledge

The Knowledge of London was introduced in 1851 by the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, Sir Richard Mayne, following complaints from residents and visitors that cab drivers were unable to navigate their way to the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, Central London


Transport for London (TFL) require all candidates to successfully complete ‘The Knowledge’ in order to qualify as a licensed Black Cab driver, which includes the following:

  • Learning 320 set routes from ‘Blue Books’ within a 6 mile radius of Charing Cross Train Station

  • Locating ‘Points of Interest’ – Hotels, Embassies, Licensed Premises, Theatres

  • Map Test – Multiple Choice question exam of 30 questions, incorporating 5 set ‘Blue Book’ routes and 25 ‘Points of Interest’ chosen at random by TFL

  • Appearances – ‘Face to Face’ oral test with an Examiner, which consists of 4 questions relating to two set points within the 6 mile radius. The route must be the most direct route and include correct street names and appropriate turns.

  • Appearances have 3 stages; 56 days, 28 days and 21 days. The candidate must achieve the required standard at each stage, prior to progressing to the next stage.

  • Successful completion of the 21 day stage, enables the candidate to gain their ‘requisition’.

  • Candidates must also learn the ‘Suburbs’, which consists of a further 125 routes.

  • The Final Appearance involves an oral test in the presence of an examiner, which requires the candidate to accurately recite 6 Suburban Runs.


It is therefore no wonder that ‘The Knowledge’, which has a candidate ‘drop out’ rate of 80%, is renowned as being the most stringent test of a cab driver’s street knowledge in the world

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